The Independence Rail™ Bariatric by Fall Guys Products was designed for individuals who would like to live independently at home, but who might be at risk for a fall injury.

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The Independence Rail™ by Fall Guys Products is a bed rail designed for individuals who would like to live independently at home, but who might be at risk for a fall injury. Losing the ability to walk doesn’t just mean a loss of independence, but often, it decreases your quality of life. The Independence Rail™ not only provides safety but gives the user the ability to walk at their bedside. You want to keep your loved one safe and happy – let them stay home safely by installing the Independence Rail™ in their home. The Independence Rail™ aids in senior mobility.

Product Features:
The sturdy Independence Rail™ is a rail system that tightens between your floor and the ceiling. Once installed, the Independence Rail™ is secure – it doesn’t move, even if you do. The fresh and modern design will fit nicely in any room, and the durable design gives you the strong stable support you or your loved ones need.

The Independence Rail™ comes with two, 8 Foot Extenders complimentary. Extenders to reach 9 Foot ceilings are also available.

Pole Material:
The Independence Rail™ is made of heavy gauge steel, with a white powder coat finish. The Independence Rail™ ergonomic grip is made of premium high-quality rubber that is easy to clean.

Weight Capacity:
The Independence Rail™ can safely support 400 lbs.

Ceiling Height:
The Independence Rail™ can accommodate ceiling heights from 8 to 10 feet.

Length of Rail:
Each Independence Rail™ is 7 Feet long.

To provide reliable senior mobility support you need, the Independence Rail™ must be installed properly. The product comes with an easy set-up manual. Please see the setup instruction manual for full details on how to install the Independence Rail™ support system for your loved one. If you cannot install the Independence Rail™ system yourself, Fall Guys Products recommends contacting a general contractor or handyman.

Our products are made of high-quality reinforced steel and should only be installed in areas with firm foundational support. We recommend that our products not be installed in Mobile Homes, Trailers, recreational vehicles or any other manufactured housing.