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  1. Who We Are

    We are the Fall Prevention Foundation ( FPF ). A non-profit foundation dedicated to stopping the fall epidemic that claims over 42,000 lives each year. Our goal is to provide fall-prevention Safe Zones to all those with the most serious need as well as offer the best fall-prevention devices at an affordable cost. The Fall Prevention Foundation ( FPF ) realizes that falling and breaking a hip or a traumatic head injury is not only devastating but is not inevitable.

  2. Our Mission

    Our mission is to stop falls and the pain and suffering associated with them. To avoid institutional placement, remain active, strong, and free from the fear of falling in your own home. Our grassroots fall prevention has already made it possible for those who have experienced multiple falls, some with devastating effects, to stay home, stop falling and regain their independence.

  3. Safe Zones

    We have run successful pilot programs of our proven fall prevention Safe Zones in homes and nursing home facilities all across the country. Support poles strategically placed in the home allow for transfers and short-term ambulation. All of which promote a sense of well-being, dignity, and safety. This does not only extend to themselves but also to those that they love.

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    You can make a difference in the fight to stop falls. Our goal is to stop the fall epidemic that claims over 42,000 lives each year. Together we can stop falls!

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