Preventing Falls in the Kitchen

The joy of cooking is a special time whether you are cooking alone or with family. Unfortunately for seniors, many falls happen in the kitchen as they prepare the food. Losing the ability to cook because you are no longer safe can be devastating to seniors.

The number one cause of falling is slip and falls. These falls can put a senior in the hospital needing hip surgery or with serious head trauma. A majority of falls occur in the kitchen so that is why we must be extra cautious here.

So what can I do to protect myself or my family member? First, begin by removing throw rugs in the kitchen area. You would be surprised to know many falls from tripping are a direct result of rugs and mats on the kitchen floor. These are especially dangerous if your loved one is using a cane or needs to use a walker to move around. Walkers with wheels are especially susceptible to causing trips and fall injuries related to throw rugs.

Make certain to keep your kitchen floor clean of debris. Use cleaners that do not leave a potentially slippery residue. You can best check this by examining the floor to see if it is more slippery than other areas after using the cleaner.

The best way to protect your loved one in the kitchen area is to install a safety pole in your kitchen. A solid steel pole that doesn’t move even if you lose your balance will be ideal for keeping you safe while cooking. From my expertise, there is no more effective solution than this to keep you safe while you move about your kitchen. Strategically placed in the spot you will need it most will protect you or your loved one from a dangerous fall.

Another thing to consider when making your kitchen safer is to place pots, utensils, and other tools in places that are easy to reach. This will avoid the need for using a stool or other potentially dangerous item to assist them to reach what they need.

Balance exercises will also greatly improve your loved one’s overall steadiness. Please visit our article on balance exercises for the elderly.

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