Balance Exercises for the Elderly

In addition to improving flexibility and strength seniors that practice balance exercises can achieve better overall balance. Not only that but you can also lower the risk of falling, especially trip and fall associated with poor balance. You will also heighten the ability to avoid more serious injury if a fall is to occur and in some cases regain your balance to avoid a fall altogether.

Making elderly balance exercises part of your or your loved one’s exercise routine can greatly improve your overall fitness. Many will start with chair exercises. As a physical therapist, I would highly recommend a transfer pole, such as the Independence Pole or Rail to be used to learn and conduct balance exercises. The pole will allow its user a sold steel support that won’t move even if the user loses their balance. As you get stranger you will be able to do many different exercises with varying degrees of difficulty.

No matter what your age the benefits of balance exercises for the elderly cannot be overlooked. As you get better and better with your exercises your body will keep getting stronger. Especially those that are not in great or rarely exercise at all even just a few exercises will make a huge difference in your life. You may find that you have more energy and do not experience that afternoon slump. As we get older it is so important to keep moving.

Unless you are unsafe to do so these balance exercises for the elderly can really have a profound effect on your life. Exercising as an older individual is so important for your overall health, but you should make sure you consult a medical professional before beginning any workout or fitness program. If you are cleared to start then balance exercises can be the best way to begin your journey.


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