There are many reasons people buy bed rails. For one they are really handy for repositing in bed. They can protect you during the night from falling out of your bed, also they can be used to help a user get into a standing position.

One of the first questions many ask is do I need a full rail, a half rail, or one that has storage compartments. It really depends on what will work best for your current bedroom setup. There are many design types available to choose from. Some are smaller and cover less space and then there are larger options that can cover almost the entire side of the bed.
Security bed rails are the ones that will most typically run the length of the bed. They are installed under the mattress on one side of the bed. This setup will keep the user safe from rolling out of the bed on the side the bed is installed but also allow the user to get into and out of the bed with little difficulty. Security bed rails work best to protect those that are in danger of falling out of bed.

Another option is the grab bars type bed rail that can aid you during difficult transfers. These are usually manufactured to have a grip on the top that allows users to use them for repositioning and transfers at the bedside. These types of bed rails usually have one on each side. No matter what side of the bed the user needs to get up on the rail will be there.

One other popular option is the adjustable bed rail. These can be lowered or heightened based on the user’s needs. Many of these bed rails can also be lowered completely out of the way in case of emergency or other necessity. Some of these can also have attachments such as a cane or even a rotating bar attached. These rails are especially exciting for those that need added mobility.

The last option we want to cover briefly is the travel bed rail. For those on the go, that still need safety at their bedside, the travel options are a great choice. These are usually smaller in coverage area so they can be easily taken with you. They are also typically easier to install than larger models making these bed rails an ideal choice for frequent travelers.

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