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Our mission is to provide affordable fall prevention devices to all those in need. We are dedicated to stopping the fall epidemic that claims over 42,000 lives each year.

In addition our mission is to provide fall Safe Zones for those with a history of falling. We have conducted successful pilot programs for our “Safe Zones” and want to expand our reach to all those in need.

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  1. Fall Safety Zones

    Our “Safe Zones” are designed to give the user maximum protection from falls and fall-related injuries. If you are interested in one of our custom Safe Zones please Contact Us.

  2. Working With Our Local Community

    We are working with local community leaders to protect those that are most vulnerable to falling. Our “Safe Zones” are ideal for those that are in danger of falling, unsteady when walking, or have experienced a fall.

  3. Peace of Mind

    We know caring for a loved one that is a fall risk can be very stressful. We are committed to providing information and access to the most effective products to stop falls in your or your loved one’s home.

Independent Living - Remain Safe At Home

Falls are not a normal part of aging and many can be prevented with the right knowledge and the correct equipment.
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About Our Mission

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“Our passion is providing lasting solutions to those that are falling or have suffered from a fall.”

The Fall Prevention Foundation realizes that falling and breaking a hip or a traumatic head injury is not only devastating but is not inevitable. Our mission is to stop falls and the pain and suffering associated with them. To avoid institutional placement, remain active, strong, and free from the fear of falling in your own home.

Our grassroots fall prevention has already made it possible for those who have experienced multiple falls, some with devastating effects, to stay home, stop falling and regain their independence.

“Caring for seniors is a labor of love and requires a special person”

First we must determine if the patient has a history of falls and if you will benefit from our Safe Zone. Bad eyesight can be a major cause of balance issues. We check to see if there are any balance impairments. You must be able to stand up and transfer, you need to be able to move your feet somewhat.

We would start with one Independence Rail by the patient’s bedside. Make sure they can get up and use it properly and walk a little bit. We would also assign Physical Therapy to work with the patient on learning to use the products we provide effectively.

“Caring for seniors is a labor of love and requires a special person”

We offer the most effective fall prevention devices on the market. We design a “Safe Zone” for patients to avoid falls and injuries from falls.

Support poles strategically placed in the home allow for transfers and short-term ambulation. All of which promote a sense of well-being, dignity, and safety. This does not only extend to themselves but also to those that they love.

What People Say


It’s the best thing she’s had for quite a while now. It’s been like six years for her now (referring to the Independence Pole). One of the best things that came along so far. I Like it because she gets a little more independence from me. It helps me a lot. I really appreciate it. It helps us both.



Safe Zone User

It helps me to get around. I feel safe with it you know? (Referring to the Independence Rail in her Safe Zone). Helps me a good bit to get around, I feel safe with it.

Renalda S.

Renalda S.

Safe Zone User

First thing I want to say is thank God for Steve because I would be lost without this thing (referring to the Independence Rail). If I have to get up during the night I don’t have to bother anybody.

Santa D.

Santa D.

Safe Zone User

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Preventing Falls in the Kitchen

The joy of cooking is a special time whether you are cooking alone or with family. Unfortunately for seniors, many falls happen in the kitchen as they prepare the food. Losing the ability to cook because you are no longer safe can be devastating to seniors.

Balance Exercises for the Elderly

In addition to improving flexibility and strength seniors that practice balance exercises can achieve better overall balance. Not only that but you can also lower the risk of falling, especially trip and fall associated with poor balance.

Choosing The Right Bed Rails For You

There are many reasons people buy bed rails. For one they are really handy for positioning in bed. They can protect you during the night from falling out of your bed, also they can be used to help a user get into a standing position.

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